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Homework, Chapter 3

Homework, Chapter 5

Answer Key, Chapter 10

Answer Key, Chapter 12

Answer Key, AS/AD

Federal Reserve System

Introduction to Macroeconomics

I will be posting the homework and the answer keys on this page. I will also make available some material that might be relevant to the lectures or articles from the press that are related to things that we are going over in class.

As always, suggestions are welcome!

Update - April 30, 2006

I re-posted all the files because there was some problem and they hadn't been correctly uploaded. These files are the answer Keys to the homeworks. The Answer Key for the AS/Ad question is actually not exactly the answer to the question that I asked but a very similar one. In this five diagram solution I look at the impact of a fiscal policy rather than a monetary one. Also, because it would overload the graphs, I limited the answer to the medium run. The long run is pretty simple: we move back to the original point.

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